Wedel’s Chocolate: Pure Temptation!

In my short visit to Poland, a friend suggested me this little chocolaterie… Wedel.

Wedel is Poland’s oldest chocolate brand and also synonymous of high quality chocolates.

The brand has created lounges where chocolate lovers can experience dozens of flavours of exquisite hot and cold drinking chocolate, based on top-quality white, dark and milk chocolate, unique, fresh pralines, hand-made using only natural ingredients.

I must confess that I felt in heaven of sweetness 🙂 Every thing was so beautiful and tempting that I had the same problem as always: what to eat 🙂 So this time I decided to keep it simple: dark hot chocolat …. Divine and honestly the best hot chocolate I have ever drank.

Wedel’s chocolate … Don’t  forget this name, you need to try it!!


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