Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinners are synonymous with laziness …. most of the times I don’t want to cook and would like to magically have a delicious dinner already prepared, ready to be savored. However, there are days when I feel like trying a new recipe. Today was one of those days!

Today’s Recipe: Pizza with ham and wild arugula
Book: “Dias com Mafalda” de Mafalda Pinto Leite

I have to admit that it is difficult for me to follow a recipe exactly, I always have to change something. It’s not that I don’t like the original recipe, I do, but maybe it’s a professional problem…. a  nutritionist probably has a “light” button always on 🙂 even in the kitchen!!! So if you have the book you’ll probably notice a difference between the recipe and the photo.

Veredict: DELICIOUS!! 100% aproved



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