Puff pastry in the refrigerator but in the mood for pizza …

… hummm what to do?

So I began my ritual, I open the refrigerator door and start checking the potencial ingredients: Cabbage Heart – yes, i’m going to slice it very thinly; carrot – yes, to be grated; roast turkey breast – yes too and frozen peas… Ok, I’m done here!

And to give it a little twist I’m going to add something sweet… raisins 🙂

Everything is going to be seasoned with olive oil, salt and my favorite aromatic herb: oregano.

I cut the heart cabbage thinly and blanch it, along with peas and raisins for a few minutes. After that, I passed them with cold water to stop the cooking. I put everything in a bowl and added the grated carrot, the turkey breast cut into cubes, mixed all up and season it with olive oil, some salt and dried oregano leaf.

Put the pastry with parchment paper in a pie tray with removable bottom and added the mixed vegetables. Oh and I’m forgetting that I lay over a bit of sesame seeds and grated parmesan cheese.

It goes directly to the oven for 20 to 30 minutes.

And voilá, a fake pizza!!!Do you want a slice?

Bon appétit!!


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