“Life is short. Start with dessert”

When we enter the store of Maria Brigadeiro, in São Paulo, we are greeted by this sentence or better, by this statement…

“Life is short. Start with dessert.”

and isn’t she right?

Because if dessert is as sweet and delicious as the brigadeiros that I’ve found in this store… my god I’m doomed 🙂

Last October I’ve went to Maria Brigadeiro’s store with a group of friends, all eager to prove this famous brasilian sweet. The entrance of the store is already completely adorable, in my opinion, much in the style of pastries or cafes in Paris (which I love) and inside the brigadeiros of the day (since from about the 40 recipes of brigadeiros, only a few are prepared each day) make our choice very difficult.

We were met by an extremely pleasant gentleman who was very patiente with our group of “crazy for sweets” photographers helping us with our choices.

Each one began with four brigadeiros but let me tell you… it’s impossible not to eat more!! Best brigadeiros ever (apart from mine, of course!).

Smooth texture, that melts in your mouth, with the perfect size (not to big, not to small) and with a very interesting (and unic) variaty of flavours (white chocolate, almond, port wine, cachaça, peanut-butter, pistachio, etc….).

I’ve tried the tradicional flavour, hazelnut, black crunchy, white crunchy, lemon, pistachio…. from those that I can remember, and as you can see I’ve tried a lot (not only 4)!!!!!!

My three favorites were the black crunchy, white crunchy and the lemon, the first and second one due to the crisp 🙂 and the third one because of the mild and fresh flavour of lemon.

Since I cannot go there as much as I want to, I brought Juliana Motter’s Cookbook (the baker) to try some recipes at home.

 Does anyone dares to be my official taster?

Sweet Christmas!!!!!


2 thoughts on ““Life is short. Start with dessert”

  1. Tem toda a razão! Se a vida é curta há que aproveitar! Eu também penso assim….aliás costumo dizer: “Some people belive in God. I belive in Food! ” Um beijinho e um Santo Natal !

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