J’ai envie de manger une crêpe

“- Onde vamos almoçar hoje?
– O que achas de comermos um crepe?
– Por mim tudo bem.
– Então vou-te levar a um lugar que descobri há pouco tempo e que vais adorar.” 

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Fish and Shrimp Crepe Bundles

I love crepes!! Sweet or savory, with melted chocolat and vanilla ice cream, with fresh fruit, with strawberry jam and dried coconut or with minced meat and vegetables… there are countless combinations, all quite tasty.

Yesterday, I was craving for some savory crepes! That’s why I decided to open the fridge and invent a stuffing to go with a crepe recipe that I found on the blog , Cozinha com alma.

I was very pleased with the outcome and I’ll save the recipe for sure.

Fish and Shrimp Crepe Bundles

Crepe (10-12 units) from “Cozinha com Alma
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